Name: Borůvka z Velfíku Name: Fox Meadow's Cooper
Height at withers: 32cm Height at withers: 34cm
Coat: jemně broken Coat: broken
Luxation: 0/0 Luxation: 0/0
Hereditary eye defects: negative Hereditary eye defects: negative
Teeth: all teeth Teeth: all teeth
Bite: scissor type Bite: scissor type

For further information and possible interest in a puppy, please contact me at email m.navri@seznam.cz

Our puppies are bred in a family home in an apartment. Puppies will be accustomed to children, as we have a 4 year old son. They will also be accustomed to other dogs as we also have a female Boston terrier. Puppies will be properly de-wormed, vaccinated and tattooed before they go to their new home. Our station always puts an emphasis on the health of dogs. Both parents have a medical examination for patellar luxation and eye defects with negative results – Clear. Therefore, these defects can not be genetically passed on to their offspring. We welcome personal visits to the future owners before the collection of puppies. The owners have a chance  to personally see the amount of care we provide to our puppies. We provide a breeding service and will be happy to answer any questions the new owners might have. A future personal contact is always welcomed. This means that we care about who the new owners of the puppies are and we appreciate any information on the puppies being in the future. If the puppies prove excellent in show, we will post their success on our web pages. Owners must take into account that this is a hunting breed and therefore does not fit into an apartment where cats and other small animals are present. You can educate them into excellent hunting dogs, suitable for hunters, or pets, but these dogs need plenty of exercise, They love retrieving and swiming. Basically, it is a very friendly, upbeat and hyperactive breed of dog. Under no cirrumstances do these dogs belong in a shed or on a chain!!! Which, in my opinion, no dog should. If treated well, this breed will become a part of your family and your best friend. A bill of sale and a puppy package is a part of every sale.

AURELIUS (male) 
ARIANA (female)